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A Brief Guide to 800 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training

To spread their expertise in yoga therapy, yoga therapists become Certified Yoga Therapy Professionals. Share the benefits of yoga therapy with the general public to avoid illness and promote well-being. After Completing the 800 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training course, you can become a certified Yoga teacher.

800 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training: Objective /What to expect

  • To provide yoga therapy for all diseases, a trained yoga therapist may collaborate with a professional yoga consultant or physician.

  • To learn yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga therapy, yama and niyama, practicals, prayers, sukshama vyayam, asana, pranayama, and meditation.

  • Understand, practice, and spread the wisdom of yoga.

  • People must learn effective time management techniques, communicate effectively, and interpret trainees' body language. It requires people to have specific attributes, like self-control, self-assurance, maturity, kindness, patience, active listening, time management, empathy, and linguistic proficiency.

  • Successful candidates become certified yoga teachers after obtaining the necessary understanding of yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga therapy, theory, and practicals.

800 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training: Course Benefits

● Understanding and expertise in yoga and yogic practices.

● showcasing the depth and expertise of yoga texts

● Practical: Teaching Techniques, Yoga Shuddhi Kriyas, Yoga Asanas, Yogic Gross Exercises, and Demonstration Skills (Methods of Teaching Yoga) Perfecting

● Yoga may teach you how to be healthy.

● Through yoga, you can learn how to live an entire life.

● living life to the fullest and making others happy

● Discover your bliss.

● Boost your output and effectiveness.

● Improve your emotional and physical health.

● Improve your health

● Improve your focus and memory.

● Boost your artistic game. Enhance romance and tenderness in relationships.

● Make your existence more fulfilling.

● Yoga poses, learning about mudra, meditation, and other practices.

● learning about the Yogic way of life

● Start imparting yoga knowledge to people.


At Ayushman Yog, we provide the most efficient online yoga certification course by government of India. Your yoga teaching skill will reach excellence by joining our classes.

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