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  • Will there be any exam with Ayushman Yog?
    Yes, there will be weekly Mock Tests, Assignments. Viva exams etc. to ensure your readiness for the YCB exams.
  • Is Ayushman Yog a YCB approved institute?
    No, we are not. We only provide Training /Coaching for you to clear the exams with YCB. We do not need to be approved with YCB for that. However, all of our teachers hold YCB certificates.
  • What is the validity of the certificate?
    Initially, the Certificate for Level 1 is valid for 5 years, level 2 and Level 3 for 3 years. Before the expiry of the validity period, the certified Yoga Professional has to attend the Continuing Yoga Education Program (CYEP) for its respective level. Based on the assessment in CYEP, the assessment team may recommend the extension of the certificate for life long or may recommend attending another CYEP.
  • How does YCB conduct the exam?
    In MCQ format. One can choose through an online/offline exam. Exams are divided into 2 parts- Theory (MCQ) and Practical (Live Panel).
  • Does Ayushman Yog offers their own certificate for these teachers training courses?
    No, As of now we don't. The certificate for Teachers Training Courses has to be obtained with YCB.
  • How much is the passing percentage?
    The candidate has to secure 70% marks in each of the theories and practices to qualify/ pass the assessment. However, a maximum of 5% of grace marks will be given either for theory or practical paper but the overall qualifying percentage shall remain 70%. In case marks are in the decimal figure, they shall be rounded off to a higher number.
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  • How should I prepare for the exam?
    You can prepare for the exam by self-study. There are reference books given at the end of every syllabus. You can also take coaching/training from the institutions / private teachers etc. At Ayushman Yog we provide complete Training / Coaching for YCB offered courses. However please note that YCB does not promote any institute / Teacher for the exam preparation. This is absolutely your choice and preference.
  • Does Yoga Certification Board Offer Yoga Courses?
    No, YCB itself does not conduct any course; Yoga Certification Board only conducts assessment/ examination for Yoga Professionals who are willing to take such assessment for certification of their skills.
  • Why doing Yoga Teacher Training Courses through YCB is the Most Popular Choice?
    It's because of their syllabus. The syllabus designed by Yoga Certification Board is really exceptional. It's very structured and incorporates important topics. You can compare their syllabus with other Yoga institutions and you will see the difference.
  • Are these courses certified by Yoga Alliance?
    No, and they don't need to be. The syllabus by YCB is much structured and sharper as compared to any other body. Please check both the syllabus yourself to see the difference.
  • How would I book the exam?
    Yoga Professional aspiring to be certified has to fill out the online application form along with the requisite information on the YCB website. The applicant for all levels of certification has to apply for assessment in two stages: - Stage 1: Enrolment with Yoga Certification Board (YCB) and - Stage 2: Application for assessment. All of the above has to be done on the website of YCB. Ayushman Yog only provides the coaching / Training to clear this exam.
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