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YogaTTC by Govt of India- All about the prep and exam.

Yoga Certification Board is a body that functions under the Ministry Of Ayush. It was formulated by govt. of India with the objectives to bring synergy, quality, and uniformity in the knowledge and skills of Yoga professionals across the world. The Board welcomes Indian nationals as well as foreign candidates. Ayushman Yog offers Teachers Training to clear below 3 Levels- ​

Yoga Certification Board conducts exams for Yoga Teachers Training for various levels. All the courses are very well structured and globally recognized. Post clearing this exam one becomes a registered teacher with Govt of India.

Exams With YCB-

  • The exams are conducted through online as well as offline mode. one can choose as per the convenience.

  • Exams are conducted in 2 shifts, one for theory and one for practical.

    • Theory- MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)​

    • Practical- A live panel of 4-5 teachers will take the exam as per the practical syllabus.

  • In order to clear the exam, one needs to score 70% in both, Theory and Practical.

  • You will receive the result on the registered email id within 7-10 days from the exam date.

  • If you are clear, it will take another 7 days for YCB to issue the certificate, which can be downloaded from the website. Additionally, you will be able to verify the certificate on the "Certified Yoga Professionals" section of the YCB website.

Prep for Theory Exam-

  • Theory prep is best done by self-study as you can decide your own pace and understand the concept well. Remember mugging up the topics is not going to help you in your career. As a Yoga Teacher, you are really expected to know about the traditional scriptures, a few shlokas, the anatomy of the asanas, the science behind the pranayama, etc.

  • For self-study, you can get reference books which are given at the end of the syllabus for every level.

  • Although this is the best practice, it does get overwhelming to study from various sources. My suggestion is to buy only 2 books - one is by the Yoga certification Board and another one is by Ayushman Yog.

  • The book Yoga Protocol Instructor-Level 1 (200 hrs) is so far the best-compiled study material for your Level -1 Yoga Teachers Training. This book covers theory as well as the practical unit with illustrations and has topic-wise descriptive information which will help you clear your exam easily.

  • You can also join any Yoga Institute who offers tuitions for YCB courses. But even then do take time for your self-study , this will be very fruitful for you in your career.

Prep for YCB Practical-

  • The practical exams of YCB are taken by a panel of 4-5 highly educated and experienced Teachers. The exams can be taken either online or offline mode, depending upon one's convenience.

  • The exam usually takes 20-30 minutes. All the questions will be asked from the practical Syllabus only. Check the Syllabus here.

  • YCB practical exams are not only about the demonstration. You are assessed on the depth of your knowledge. For instance- When an asana is being asked, you will be assessed on 4 parameters-

1. Instructions of the asana,

2. Benefits,

3. Contraindications,

4. Demonstration.

  • This pattern is followed for all the practices- such as Kriyas, Pranayama, etc. Missing out on any of the parameters will result in losing marks.

  • Learn the shlokas /Sutras/ Prayers as mentioned in the syllabus. It is important that you know the correct pronunciation and chant in a rhythm.

  • If you are not sure of any question then it is advised to say politely that you don't know. It is much better than giving incorrect information.

  • Never argue with the examiners to prove your point. Understand that there can be different perspectives about a certain thing. As a Yoga teacher/practitioner you should inculcate the attitude of accepting that there can be more than one line of thought.

  • Irrespective of your experience of any lineage, never try to boast about one lineage over the other. Remember Yogic science is not invented by us. We are mere preservers and promoters of this science. All the teachers have done their best in order to do the same. It is ignorant to try to prove that one is better than the other

  • Be confident. It is really an interesting experience.

Click here to know about the registration process for YCB - Yoga Teachers Training Exams.

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Authored by

Nidhi (Senior Teacher @Ayushman Yog)

Level 1- 200 hrs., Level 3- 800 hrs. (YCB)

MSC (Yoga), MSC(Vedanta)

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