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Online Yoga Teacher Training

Become A Govt. Certified Yoga Professional 

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Your Learning With Us Includes- 

*A complete study of the syllabus (Theory and Practice as released by Ayush Ministry. 

*Disease management (Systematic management of over 10 diseases such as lower back pain, PCOD/PCOS, Bloating, Thyroid, Cervical, etc)

*Hatha Yoga postures as per BSY. 

*Ashtanga Yoga (Primary Series) postures. 

*Practical tests and assignments generate the confidence of handling a group class. 

*Discussion-based method to teach theory enables you to structure your thoughts and express them. 

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Teaching Method

Self Paced + Online Live Learning

  • Learn the theory at your own pace with our video lectures and well structured study materials. 

  • Test your knowledge through quizzes at the end of every topic. 

  • Finish the library hours (suggested books reading) as per your own schedule and pace.

  • Prepare the questions (if any) and send through email or ask them in the live QnA Sessions.

  • Study anytime, anywhere

Yoga online
  • Join the daily online live practice to learn multi-style practice which includes, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Hatha flow, Practice with props, etc.

  • Learn to make interesting Yoga sequences suitable for all age groups. 

  • Learn the Yoga practices for lifestyle disorders such as Back pain, arthritis, neck pain, bloating, constipation , weight management etc. 

  •  Build your own discipline of daily yoga practice. 

Worried About Online Learning ?

Listen to our student's experience

Surekha _YCB_Level 1.jpg

Surekha Raju Jagatap - YCB Level 1 

 Fee Structure

Level 1- Yoga Protocol Instrctor (200 Hrs)

Tuition Fee- 4999/-

Examination Fee - 3450/-

Duration - 3 months 

Language- English, Hindi

Level 2- Yoga Wellness Instrctor (400 Hrs)

Tuition Fee- 7999/-

Examination Fee - 4540/-

Duration - 3 months 

Language- English.

Level 3- Yoga Teacher & Evaluator (800 Hrs)

Tuition Fee- 9999/-

Examination Fee - 6220/-

Duration - 3 months (Intensive Learning) 

Language- English.

Certification With Ayush Ministry 

YCB-Level 1.jpg

Level 1- Yoga Protocol Instrctor (Sample Certificate)

YCB _Level 2.jpg

Level 2- Yoga Wellness Instrctor (Sample Certificate)

YCB_Level 3.jpg

Level 3- Yoga Teacher & Evaluator (Sample Certificate)

In A Nutshell-


What sets us apart

  • Hybrid mode- Theory learning through self paced mode and practice through online live mode.

  • Well structured study material.

  • Soundtracks for Sanskrit pronunciation

  • A lot of quizzes

  • Viva practice 

  • Affordable fee

  • 24*7 email & chat support

  • A full proof marketing plan to set up your own yoga business. 

  • Study anytime, anywhere

  • A community for life

Meet Our Teachers

usha maam.jpg

Usha Ma'am

Age is just a number, she is a true example of this. She breathes energy into her surrounding. Her knowledge of human anatomy, therapeutic yoga, and philosophy is just phenomenal. She holds a Level 1- 200 hrs. certificate and a Level 3- 800 hrs. certificate from YCB. 



It's never too late to BEGIN. She lives by this motto. Her steady job in the IT sector couldn't give her the contentment that she was looking for, she started doing Swadhyaya and eventually decided to study Yoga. Ever since then, she set herself on a path of self-growth which is full of possibilities. Her passion for learning philosophy and ancient texts led her to pursue a Master's Degree in Vedanta and Yoga. She holds Level 1- 200 hrs. certification, and Level -3 800 hrs. certification from YCB. She is a published author and has written the complete guidebook for YCB Level 1 Yoga TTC.  She is currently pursuing MSc (Yoga) and MSc (Vedanta). 

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