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YCB Level 2- 400 hours Yoga Teachers Training

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  • 132Steps
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This course will help you in upgrading your knowledge and practice. You would be exposed to ancient scriptures like Shad-Darshana, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Texts, Sanskrit shlokas, Asanas, Pranayama, Bandhas, and many other interesting topics. This study is very well structured with topic-wise details, illustrations, assignments, and a lot of quizzes. This is designed to give you complete knowledge to boost your yoga career. Post-completion of the course the aspirants are required to take an exam with the Yoga Certification Board (A body that functions under the Ministry Of Aayush). The course earns you the title of “Yoga Wellness Instructor”. The successful aspirants will be listed in the directory of the Yoga Certification Board to maintain the authenticity of the certificate. At Ayushman Yog, we aim to offer holistic learning for the aspirants of YCB Level 2 Yoga TTC. To support this aim we offer a lot of complementary learnings in the Level 2 Yoga TTC that primarily include- 1. Yogic Sukshma Vyayama 2. Ashtanga Primary Series 3. YCB Assistant Yoga Therapist 4. YCB Level 2 Yoga TTC 6. Kriya Abhyasa- Jala Neti, Trataka, Vaman Dhauti, Shankha Prakshalana Tuition Fee- 13,999/- INR Examination Fee - 4540/- INR (Needs to be paid at the time of booking exams) Highlights - * Complete study material (available digitally) * 5 days a week online live yoga practice session for 3 months (Mon-Fri)) *Theory discussion in live classes (Tuesday and Thursday) Inclusion- Course Structure- *5 days a week practice classes - Mon-Fri *Twice a Week Theory - Tue & Thu (8-9 PM IST) Practice Times- (You are required to choose any one of these times and stick to it for the duration of the course) 6-7 AM IST 7-8 AM IST 7-8 PM IST For more information connect on 9355444686 or send an email on


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