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Advanced Asana Practice

Regular Advanced Asana Abhyas

Embark on a transformative journey with our Advanced Yoga Classes Online, designed to enhance your practice through creative sequencing, the importance of warm-up, and specialized body conditioning. Our program focuses on precision drills and in-depth anatomy understanding to achieve advanced body postures. Enroll now and elevate your teaching and personal practice with the convenience of online learning, setting the stage for your mastery of advanced yogasna. 

Tuition Fee- 3500 INR (Per Month)

Time- 6-7:30 PM / 6-7:30 PM (IST)

Schedule- Mon- Wed- Fri (3 days a week)

Why Should You Join Our Advanced Yoga Classes Online?

Unlock the Art of Creative Sequencing:

Delve into the world of inventive yoga sequences designed to challenge and elevate your practice. Our Advanced Yoga TTC Online empowers you to craft classes that inspire and captivate.


Precision in Advanced Postures

Gain expertise in precision drills and delve into the intricacies of anatomy, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each advanced posture. Elevate your practice to new heights.

Prioritize the Warm-Up

Learn the significance of a well-rounded warm-up in achieving advanced poses. Discover how proper preparation sets the stage for a transformative and injury-free yoga experience.

Shoulder Stretch

The course is ideal for Yoga Teachers and practitioners who want to enhance their Asana Practice.

The course is not suitable for students with health conditions, HBP, Pregnancy, etc. Please speak to our counselors before joining the course. 

Other Courses By Ayushman Yog

YCB-Level 1.jpg

Tuition Fee- 7999/-

Examination Fee - 3450/-

Duration - 3 months 

Language- English, Hindi

YCB _Level 2.jpg

Tuition Fee- 9999/-

Examination Fee - 4540/-

Duration - 3 months 

Language- English

YCB_Level 3.jpg

Tuition Fee- 11,999/-

Examination Fee - 6220/-

Duration - 3 months 

Language- English


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