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Dhanashri Gonjare

YCB Level 3 - Yoga Teacher & Evaluator




A Bit About Me

Namaste! I am Dhanshree, proudly hailing from the vibrant state of Maharashtra, India. My journey is a testament to a decade-long commitment to self-practice and a deep-rooted passion for the profound teachings of yoga.

Certified as an esteemed YCB Level 3- Yoga Teacher & Evaluator by the Yoga Certification Board, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my role as a yoga teacher. Beyond the physical postures, my interests delve into the realms of Philosophy, Therapy, and Pranayama, seeking a holistic approach to well-being.

My journey is not just about personal growth; it is equally fueled by a profound love for teaching. As a Faculty Member of Ayushman Yog, I am dedicated to sharing the transformative power of yoga with a wider audience. This role allows me to contribute to the growth and well-being of individuals seeking balance and harmony in their lives.

In my more than 10 years of self-practice, I have cultivated a deep understanding of the nuances of yoga, allowing me to guide others on their unique journeys. Join me in this exploration of mind, body, and spirit, as we discover the transformative potential of yoga together.

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Student's Love

Geetika Sharma, Yoga Protocol Instructor 

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