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Nidhi Thakur

MSC (Yoga), MSC (Vedanta)

YCB Level 3, Yoga Alliance International Level 1,

Author- YCB Level 1 200 Hrs, YCB Level 3 Yoga TTC

Founder/ Director- Ayushman Yog




A Bit About Me

Namaste! I am Nidhi, a dedicated individual from India on a transformative journey that intertwines the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Vedanta with the dynamic landscape of modern life. With a strong academic foundation boasting an MSC in Yoga and an MSC in Vedanta, I am deeply immersed in the profound teachings of these timeless disciplines.

My journey takes an interesting turn, having spent a decade as an IT professional in the corporate world. The shift from the fast-paced corporate environment to the serenity of yoga reflects not just a career change, but a profound personal evolution. This transition was fueled by a desire for a more meaningful and purposeful existence, guided by the principles of holistic well-being.

As an author, I've penned works such as "YCB Level 1 200 Hrs" and "YCB Level 3 Yoga TTC," aiming to contribute to the rich tapestry of yogic knowledge and practice. Beyond the written word, I am the proud Founder and Director of Ayushman Yog, where I aim to channel my diverse experiences to guide individuals towards physical, mental, and spiritual balance.

My decade-long stint in the corporate world uniquely positions me to understand the challenges of a fast-paced, digitally-driven society. I recognize the importance of being digitally savvy in today's world, and my journey reflects an embrace of this digital era to propagate the timeless teachings of yoga.

In essence, my story is one of transformation — from the corporate corridors to the tranquil realm of yoga. Through Ayushman Yog, I endeavor to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern realities, offering a holistic approach to well-being in the digital age. Join me on this journey of balance, self-discovery, and embracing the digital evolution of our times.

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