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Pranayama Abhyasa Challenge
-21 Days- 

21 Days Pranayama Abhyasa Challange

Ignite your curiosity and unlock the mysteries of your breath with our 21-day Pranayama Abhyasa Challenge. Delve into the profound secrets of ancient breathwork practices, and discover the untapped potential within each inhale and exhale. Are you prepared to journey inward and uncover the transformative power of your own breath? Join us and embark on a voyage of self-discovery like never before.

Time- 6-7 AM IST


5-6 PM IST

Duration- 21 Days 

Mode- Online Live (Google Meet)

Total Seat- 20

Fee- 800/- INR


1. 15 Mins Asana Abhyas With Breath Awareness

2. 15 Mins Of Breathing Kriyas

3. 20 Mins Of Anuloma-Viloma

4. 10 Mins Of Yog Nidra 

Who Should Not Join

Practitioners with Chronic High Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Pregnant Ladies, Recent Surgery, Chronic Lower Back pain 

If you are still in doubt please speak to the host Nidhi before signing up on- +91-9355444686

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