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3 Days Yog Nidra Workshop 

Embark on a blissful odyssey of relaxation and rejuvenation with our 3-day Yoga Nidra Abhyasa journey, incorporating the transformative practices of IRT, QRT, and DRT. Immerse yourself in the depths of conscious relaxation as you explore the realms of inner peace, profound healing, and heightened awareness. Are you ready to unwind, release, and reconnect with your true essence? Join us on this sacred voyage to experience the profound benefits of Yoga Nidra like never before.

Time- 6-7 AM IST

Duration- 3 Days 

Mode- Online Live (Google Meet)

Total Seat- 20

Fee- 800/- INR

Instant Relaxation Technique 
- IRT-

The Instant Relaxation Technique (IRT) is a method designed to quickly induce a state of relaxation and calmness. It typically involves simple practices such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or visualization to reduce stress and promote relaxation within a short span of time, often within a few minutes. This technique is especially useful for managing stress and anxiety in everyday situations, offering a convenient way to unwind and find peace amidst a busy schedule.

Quick Relaxation Technique

The Quick Relaxation Technique (QRT) is a method aimed at swiftly inducing a state of relaxation and calmness. It typically involves a series of rapid relaxation exercises such as deep breathing, body scanning, or tension release techniques. QRT is designed to be easily integrated into daily life, offering a brief yet effective way to alleviate stress, reduce tension, and promote overall well-being, even in the midst of a busy schedule.

Deep Relaxation Technique

Incorporating the meditative practice of Om chanting, the Deep Relaxation Technique (DRT) offers a holistic approach to achieving profound relaxation and inner peace. By rhythmically chanting the sacred sound of Om, participants can deepen their relaxation experience, synchronize breath with sound, and cultivate a sense of harmony within body and mind. This harmonizing practice promotes a deeper states of relaxation, heightened awareness, and spiritual connection.

Other Courses By Ayushman Yog

YCB-Level 1.jpg

Tuition Fee- 7999/-

Examination Fee - 3450/-

Duration - 3 months 

Language- English, Hindi

YCB _Level 2.jpg

Tuition Fee- 9999/-

Examination Fee - 4540/-

Duration - 3 months 

Language- English

YCB_Level 3.jpg

Tuition Fee- 11,999/-

Examination Fee - 6220/-

Duration - 3 months 

Language- English

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